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SUNDAY, DEC. 29, 2013

From our archives, 100 years ago

The George Helm family, which owned a ranch near Nine Mile Falls, went through a string of rotten luck.

First, their 10-year-old son was out hunting ducks near Seven Mile when he fell on some boulders. The gun went off, blowing off most of the fingers on one hand. He was in the hospital, recovering.

A few days later, his mother slipped and fell, breaking an arm.

Then a young daughter had an appendicitis attack and developed peritonitis. She was in the hospital, recovering.

Then another daughter developed tonsillitis, which the mother attempted to relieve by using “a razor to lance the throat.” The result: blood poisoning. That daughter was recovering.

The headline on the story read: “Hoodoo Camps on Family’s Trail.”

From the bigamy beat: William Wishop changed his tune after a few days in jail and decided he wanted to plead guilty to bigamy charges. He admitted that he deserted his Spokane wife not long after they were married and married an Ohio woman just a few days later. “How I ever came to marry her (the Spokane wife) is a mystery to me now,” he said. “I must have been doped or something. I guess we were married, though.”

Also on this date

(From the Associated Press)

1890: The Wounded Knee massacre took place in South Dakota as an estimated 300 Sioux Indians were killed by U.S. troops sent to disarm them.

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