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Fri., Feb. 1, 2013, midnight

Clinton deflects as usual

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony represented the typical Democrat technique of tossing out straw-man diversions and veering off onto conversational tangents that do not relate to the question being asked. Obama does this very well also, which is how he managed to win the election. He never answered any direct questions; he answered by making little campaign speeches that had nothing to do with the discussion. Clinton does the same thing.

Like Obama, Clinton is lying through her teeth, and sympathetic Democrats on the investigative panel simply sucked up to her, while Republicans on the committee tossed out weak questions, which she easily scoffed at and dismissed. Republicans had no strategy for dealing with her. They are in awe of her, are afraid of her, and are terrified of what the mainstream press would do to them if they had come down too hard on her. She got them on the run, and she knew it.

We will never ever hear the truth about Benghazi. Like Fast and Furious, this was clearly another form of coverup and song and dance to hide the truth.

Innocent Americans died, and we allowed it to happen.

Karen Eberts


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