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The band behind Ryan

Frankly, I don’t get it. It is, indeed a fact that Doug Clark’s Jan. 17 column about Charlie Ryan and his “Hot Rod Lincoln” song and car is but one of many stories written about this local legend.

What I do not understand is why are not the local musicians who worked with Charlie ever given the credit they so richly deserve? It surely is a fact that had it not been for Charlie’s excellent local band, which, among others, consisted of my brother-in-law Ron Livingston, and his brother Neil, the song in all likelihood would never have caught the attention of other more well-known musicians. Charlie himself often acknowledged this simple fact.

Incidentally, Ron, who is now “illegally blind,” as he jokingly describes himself, and Neil still can play the song with more than a little ability and competence.

So now you know the too-seldom-written rest of the story.

Ken Campbell

Deer Park


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