February 2, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Deceitful about guns


The government is hell-bent for leather to disarm the American public.

In this effort, some politicians are using the talking point that a military style rifle is not needed to kill deer. We all hear this every day. The politicians who are saying this are either ignorant or deceitful. Anyone who has studied law or history knows the purpose of the Second Amendment is not to shoot deer but to protect the people from a tyrannical government. If the politician does not know this, he/she is ignorant and has no right to be in office. If he/she does know this and is being deceitful, he/she deserves to be in jail as he/she is trying to trick the American people.

We have all been tricked by our politicians time and time again. The disarming of the American public will be the biggest trick of all.

Greg Lockwood


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