Letters to the Editor

SUNDAY, FEB. 3, 2013

Shield politics from war

And so, President Barack Obama and his liberal administration have ordered that women be allowed to serve in the front ranks of our military.

First, there were the homosexuals and now the women. Who will be next, the physically and mentally disabled? I can hear the liberals now, “We cannot deny them equal rights. They must be given the opportunity to serve their country.” What will happen when this army of confused priorities, this lost army meets the enemy in combat? The result is a foregone conclusion: defeat.

The morale of our armed forces is very low. We currently lose more troops to suicide than we do to enemy fire. We should not do anything more to further weaken their combat readiness. The battlefield is not the place to advance the liberal agenda.

Let us keep our armed forces strong, and let us keep women out of our combat units.

Unus Vocate

Coeur d’Alene

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