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Consider organ donation

The Jan. 20 article about Megan Dunnagan’s difficulty finding a kidney donor compels me to advocate for living donation. I am sorry she’s had such a difficult battle with her medical conditions. Most of us will never know what she and her family are going through.

Of the potential donors in the area, I would hope that some would be willing to consider a living donation for Megan. In December 2005, I was fortunate to be a match for someone needing a kidney, and donated without knowing who would get my organ. The coordinator and surgical staff at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center guided me through the process, the surgery was a success and my recovery was extremely fast and with no complications. I later met the now healthy recipient.

I believe the rewards far outweigh the risks. There is no greater feeling than knowing I was blessed to help someone live a normal, healthy life. I feel I can speak for other donors and say we didn’t do it for recognition, money, fame or to fulfill an ego, but to give the gift of life because it is the right thing to do.

I pray someone will step forward and help Megan.

Robert Jasperson

Sutherlin, Ore.


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