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Thu., Feb. 7, 2013

Keep library services

I worked at Spokane Public Library for almost 33 years. In all that time I can only remember five to six different years that we didn’t have to beg for money, justify programs, prove our worth. The last 10 years have been the worst; fewer books and all other items, fewer hours, fewer staff. We were always on a real shoestring when I worked there, until July 2012.

I worked in Outreach Services. We took library materials to retirement apartments, nursing homes, adult day care; to all of those that were unable to physically use a library building. We also dropped books at day cares for children and mailed books to homebound individuals.

I know that now our city government is much more like a business, but this SPL service is one of the kindest and most personalized services in the city government. I bet most of you know of someone who uses this program or gets books-by-mail. I am sure that this program would also be threatened; it has been many times in the past.

Please vote yes for Proposition 3. Help the library stay afloat until a solution is found. Keep library service for so many who have no other resources.

Judy Killin


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