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Thu., Feb. 7, 2013

More difficult to govern

We elect our officials to govern and make the best decisions possible with the information they have. These decisions are often difficult and sometimes controversial. Sometimes, situations occur where revenues need to be raised. Proposition 2 would make it even more difficult to govern.

Ironically, the proponents of this issue want this proposition adopted by simple majority, yet want our City Council to operate under a different set of rules to make decisions. Perhaps all propositions and referendums need to have a two-thirds majority to be put on the ballot and a two-thirds majority to be passed.

When you see someone wanting you to sign a petition to get something on the ballot, ask them if they are being paid and who is paying them. Then ask if they are from Spokane, or have been brought in. Then ask who is sponsoring this issue. Perhaps those who sponsor these issues and sometimes making a living doing this should run for public office and learn that governing involves looking at all sides of an issue and crafting what is best instead of what may be popular; like parents making decisions in a family.

Vote no on Proposition 2.

Nancy Carlson


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