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Fri., Feb. 8, 2013

Focus on efficiency

Although I am no longer a resident of the city of Spokane, I will be watching with interest to see if Spokane voters make the wise decision to vote yes on Proposition 2.

Proposition 2 sets a higher threshold to raise taxes, and I believe it will set a precedent for other city councils around the state.

Last fall, voters statewide approved Initiative 1185, which requires a supermajority to increase our tax burden. It’s not hard to foresee state legislators pushing more costs onto local governments if they can’t balance the state budget with the money already coming in. That’s why Spokane voters need to hold our local officials accountable for protecting the taxpayers.

You’ve done it before, Spokane. Almost 70 percent of you voted for I-1185. Keep our lawmakers focused on efficiency, just like all of us must do with our own income and expenses.

In this challenging economy, raising taxes should be a last resort. Please send that message to the Spokane City Council by voting yes on Proposition 2.

Stephanie Cates


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