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Sat., Feb. 9, 2013

A little more consideration

Since 2007, Spokane’s budget has increased more than 14 percent. If it takes one more vote to increase my taxes, a little more discussion or compromise, a little more consideration for the taxpayer, then I support the Prop. 2 request for a supermajority. I voted for this before at the state level. Why should we expect any less from our local legislators? For an insightful article go to default/files/Spokane-Supermajority- PN.pdf.

If five City Council members can’t agree on whether to add or increase a public service, or whether to pay more for what we have now, then they can ask us directly through the ballot. A simple majority could approve, and often has in the past. The more discretionary income citizens can keep, the more choices they will have for spending and investing. This is what actually creates a vibrant and growing community; not bigger, more expensive government.

Mary Ann Frandsen


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