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Sat., Feb. 9, 2013, midnight

League opposes Prop. 2

Based upon study and our subsequent position on tax structure, the League of Women Voters of the Spokane Area opposes Proposition 2, which asks citizens to change the City Charter to require a supermajority, 5-2 vote to raise taxes in the future.

The LWVSA believes:

• In representative government.

• That every citizen should be protected in the right to vote.

• That government should maintain an equitable and flexible system of taxation.

The national League position includes that government must have the knowledge, resources and power to make decisions that meet citizens’ needs and reconcile conflicting interests and priorities, and it must be able to function in an efficient manner with a minimum of conflict, wasted time and duplication of effort.

Specifically, the League Tax Structure position states that: Flexibility and recognition of changing times and needs is important in tax policy. This position supports tax policies that respond with flexibility in changing times, allowing the legislative body to take appropriate actions.

For those reasons, the League of Women Voters of Spokane opposes Proposition 2.

Pam Behring


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