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SATURDAY, FEB. 9, 2013

Preserve level of service

Prop. 3 supporters describe the Spokane Public Library as vitally important to our city. Each time I go in, there are a number of people looking for books and DVDs, using computers, searching for information, and reading. The atmosphere in the library is inviting and warm. And the children’s excitement at being there is priceless.

The Spokane Public Library has done an amazing job keeping services intact under budget constraints. There is no doubt in my mind that a failure to pass Prop. 3 will result in library closures and service reductions. Adults and children from the East Side and Hillyard areas may not be able to visit other branches and would not have the opportunities we take for granted.

The 950,000 annual library visitors expect a level of service Spokane should be able to offer. Go to the library website for the facts. Read the many newspaper articles written about this. Educate yourself about Prop. 3. Most important, vote yes for the Spokane Public Libraries to ensure that all of us continue to have much-needed library services.

Brenda Kochis


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