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Reasons for supermajority

Shawn Vestal (Jan. 26) posed the question of why we should require a supermajority for tax increases when only a simple major is required to approve the supermajority requirement in the first place.

It seems the answers to Vestal’s question are obvious: (1) Elected officials have details of the motives and impacts of tax increases, whereas the average voter has only a simple sketch of these issues (actually, because elected official have access to and responsibility for all the details, tax increases should require a unanimous vote of the council); (2) Some single elected official may be overly influenced by special interest groups that might benefit from tax increases; and (3) since council members represent different parts of the city, a supermajority better dampens regional biases that might negatively burden all regions, especially those with high concentrations of small business.

Thanks to Nancy McLaughlin and the rest of the council for their leadership toward getting the supermajority requirement for city tax increases on the ballot. Please vote yes on the supermajority.

Larry Vandervert



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