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Show appreciation for libraries

All of us who benefit from our amazing Spokane City library system need to step up. Anyone who has ever checked out a book or movie, used a library computer, called with a reference question, attended story hour with young children, or dropped off teens to study after school needs to show appreciation by voting yes on Proposition 3, the library levy, by Feb. 12. Then encourage three friends or relatives to vote yes, and ask them to contact three more voters. We can do this. We must do this. Unless we pass Proposition 3, Spokane libraries are facing branch closures in 2014, an additional reduction of hours at all branches, and less funding for new books and technology.

Can you imagine life in Spokane without our libraries? As my neighbor Greg said, “The definition of a democracy is the existence of a free library system.” Once a year for four years, property owners will pay taxes that amount to the price of a movie ticket, book purchase, or a couple of lattes. The library administration has cut the budget to the bone and reserves are now exhausted. I’m counting on you, Spokane. It’s the right thing to do.

Claire Rudolf Murphy



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