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SATURDAY, FEB. 9, 2013

This idea has merit

“Little minds think and talk about people. Great minds think and talk about ideas,” so said Benjamin Franklin. His insight is valuable as Spokane voters consider Proposition 2 on Feb. 12.

Proposition 2 is simple. It would hold the Spokane City Council to a similar requirement we placed on the legislature: a two-thirds majority to raise taxes.

Instead of debating the merits, opponents, including one local union, are trying to distract voters by attacking the Washington Policy Center . One of our city’s finest resources, WPC supports the policy and has research backing up this position. They are in the business of ideas and making sure citizens have facts. WPC won’t get into political name-calling.

Make no mistake; this policy is brought to Spokane voters because citizens are tired of seeing governments jump at every tax increase. Last year, three members of the City Council argued it was no big deal to increase property taxes 1 percent. “It’s what we’ve done every other year,” they asserted.

That’s the problem, and the reason why Proposition 2 is important. It would hold them accountable and make them prove to you a tax increase is needed. Vote yes on Prop. 2.

Jackie Couraud


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