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Sun., Feb. 10, 2013

Animals need a voice

To say that the care of horses 100 years ago (“Rescuers in waiting,” Jan. 27) was different is correct!

The horse 100 years ago was usually the only way the family or the head of the house got things done, whether it was going to town, church or just to be social. The horse was well taken care of, groomed, fed and sheltered. Why, sometimes it was treated just like one of the family.

It would seem that as a trustee, the trustee is honor-bound and perhaps legally bound to take care of the property that they are entrusted with. If the trustee is unable to perform the function on his/her own, there is the option of hiring someone to do the work.

Lastly, as the animals have no voice of their own, shouldn’t we, as caring humans, be their voice?

Sharon Pearson

Spokane Valley

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