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Sun., Feb. 10, 2013

Enforce laws for money

I really don’t feel sorry for the city or county for not having any money. They continue to pass laws that they do not and will not enforce. I have a proposal for them. Just give me 10 percent for all the revenue I collect. You only have to drive around for a short time to do this.

You probably could just sit at any major intersection. Between cellphones, texting, improper turns, tailgating, speeding, and any number of other things, there is no reason for them to be broke. They continue to cut traffic officers, who actually generate funds, and keep top people who don’t seem to find anything to do. This is only traffic laws.

What about animals at large events downtown, or bicycle helmet laws? There are countless others. Quit asking for more and do what you’re supposed to with the laws and tools you have.

John Yates


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