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Feeling renewed

After a tumultuous campaign and the re-election of President Barack Obama, there is a feeling of renewal and expectation. The inaugural prayer service on Jan. 22 at the Washington National Cathedral, a tradition dating to George Washington’s time, was a catharsis, and hopefully the beginning of new understanding and civility among our leaders.

The grandeur of the cathedral was matched by the exuberance and happiness shining from the faces of all those in attendance. The music was exquisite and the voices of the choirs and soloists were angelic and uplifting. The rendition of “I Believe” took my breath away. I was moved as various interfaith participants offered stirring scriptural readings, heartfelt prayers and timeless calls to prayer evoking faith and compassion. The atmosphere was historic, extraordinary and sublime.

The Rev. Adam Hamilton’s sermon was exceptional, a daring and healing invitation to find a common vision on which we can all “stack hands,” and to sustain ourselves as did Martin Luther King Jr., with the words, “Stand up for righteousness. Stand up for truth. And, God will be at your side forever.”

May the president, our nation’s leaders, and all Americans, be renewed and inspired.

Halina Slobodow


So Spokane County is going to take people’s homes away for a debt of $1,795 rather than giving them the option, right at the start, of making monthly payments. They forget that the sewer contractor wants his $3,000 to $5,000 up front as well.

Not many of us have $5,000 to $7,000 lying around, especially in this economy. The commissioners may have that much money in their mattresses, but most of us don’t. Aren’t they in office at our pleasure to serve us rather than punish us? Our taxes are paying their salaries, and they want to take our homes away.

It is nothing more than criminal if not immoral to treat the residents of Spokane County in that manner. For shame!

Hans Krauss

Spokane Valley


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