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Government is always open

Why would Warren Buffett admit he has a problem with his secretary paying a higher tax rate? He and Bill Gates realize their millions to charities will not meet the comprehensive needs of the weakest in the manner of food stamps and welfare, Medicaid, Social Security, Social Security Disability and subsidized housing. Buffett says “Raise our personal income tax two percent and be done with it!”

Government assistance is not “open for lunch only,” or “closed on holidays.” It is available every day. Can’t afford a doctor? Dentist? Can the Salvation Army or Red Cross cover you? Disability and Section 8 take years to qualify. There are no easy jobs with 400 applicants, as there are no easy government “handouts.”

Unless government steps in, it won’t get done. Government more realistically delivers goods than the non-bureaucracy of charities with random hours, supplies, and staffing. The teavangelicals’ weekly meal puts their conscience on parade. Mitt Romney handed out charity to Sandy victims. He wanted to politicize President Barack Obama and FEMA’s response to Gov. Chris Christie when, in fact, it was timely.

Wait, why criticize government’s aid if it is not worth it in the first place?

Mike Kraft



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