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The Slice: Sounds a lot like a Slice snort

Tue., Feb. 12, 2013

It can be interesting to watch someone in a waiting room peruse the office copy of The Spokesman-Review.

Well, not for everyone maybe. But it is interesting to me.

Often, the person looks at the paper without any outward reaction. The individual just turns the pages, pausing now and then to examine an article or photo more closely.

On occasion, though, there’s a grunt, snort or giggle. What do those sounds mean? You might think it would be hard to say, unless the reader elaborates.

But fortunately, some of us are fluent in SR-induced grunts and snorts.

Mystery stat: There is probably no way to know precisely who it is. But someone in our area has had his or her posterior in the greatest number of local entertainment venue seats over the years.

Just wondering: At gatherings of your extended family, how long is the list of topics that cannot be discussed because certain people will get angry in about five seconds?

What to call your significant other: Ann Echegoyen wondered what ever happened to “POSSLQ.”

Another reader suggested “pillow partner.”

And Catherine Short offered this. “Before we married, I referred to my significant other as ‘My person to contact in case of emergency.’ ”

Reader challenge: The Spokane election concluding today is important. But it’s not exactly “Decision 2013” or “America Votes.”

So if you were in charge of coming up with wording for a local TV news graphic, how would you label today’s election?

There is always the possibility that … : People who moved away from our area years ago occasionally wonder what ever happened to you.

Warm-up question: Has it been interesting to have the same last name as someone who played a reasonably prominent role in the life of Abraham Lincoln?

Today’s Slice question: You could almost hear the “Psycho” soundtrack (think “shower scene”) when you opened your washing machine and began extracting items hideously stained by what?

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