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THURSDAY, FEB. 14, 2013

Set example on budget

An open letter to Sen. Patty Murray: The “supercommittee” failed to make a deficit-reducing budget. Your Senate Budget Committee better get one this time. They have two choices: cut spending or raise taxes; or a combination of both. To set an example that your committee means business; let everyone who gets a payment from the Treasury Department take a one half of one percent pay cut. This is not much, but with a $1 trillion deficit, 0.5 percent is a substantial amount.

The people without a budget will protest that they need every penny they get each paycheck. Give a man some money and he will get by for a day, but teach him how to budget the money and it will last for every day. Deficit spending is not the answer. The government and people must learn to budget their income so that spending does not exceed their income. Overspending leads to bankruptcy.

Charles Johnson


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