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Thu., Feb. 14, 2013, midnight

Speak out against casino

Opponents of the Spokane Tribe’s proposed casino complex on Highway 2 need to get louder. Sensible people need to shout next at Gov. Jay Inslee. This, though, is what his campaign said during the election cycle: “Jay believes Native American communities know what is best for their people. That’s why he has stood up for tribal sovereignty over the years and supports policies to enhance tribal self-determination and meaningful tribal consultation.” Did the campaign declare this to get the Native American vote and money?

We need to strongly advise on this issue. Inslee may be a big hurdle for reasonable citizens who do not think the Spokanes need a casino 1.5 miles from Fairchild Air Force Base to lure airmen.

This project is a sham when a tribe can go out, purchase land, and then claim it part of their sovereignty. Can a U.S. citizen go to France, buy 192 acres and declare it sovereign territory of the United States? The document that allows tribes to do this deed needs to be changed. Indian reservations were agreed upon years ago.

Maybe our Constitution needs a 28th Amendment, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs needs additional morality to guide them.

Jack Abel


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