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Fri., Feb. 15, 2013, midnight

Climate fallacy exposed

With our attention elsewhere, President Barack Obama intends to needlessly commit to a gargantuan debt forever guaranteed to cost each American thousands of dollars annually, by needlessly inventing a climate treaty requiring fossil fuel emission reductions. Politicians intentionally promote fallacies to surreptitiously convince the public of untruths, of which climate change (global warming) is the most cunningly preposterous.

The human-caused climate change fallacy hinges precariously on a singular false belief – created artificially on computers but never observed – that carbon dioxide insulates and traps heat in the atmosphere. This is dishonestly blamed on burning of fossil fuels. This is the sole question yet never observed or confirmed.

Further, Richard Lindzen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Professor of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, provides evidence proving false the heat-trapping idea using U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite observations showing that heat readily dissipates to space.

To date, the insulating notion remains unverified by satellite and weather balloon observations (Manabe and Johanson, 2011, Geophysical Research), thus revealing climate change a lie.

Americans must oppose any ridiculous belief that people can modify weather conditions that are otherwise operate according to natural solar or atmospheric phenomena.

David Boleneus


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