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Sat., Feb. 16, 2013, midnight

Expand Mt. Spokane

Response to “Improve Mt. Spokane first” (Feb. 10).

Mt. Spokane is a very small mountain compared to other Spokane ski areas. Opening a new lift would create many new trails, and attract many different people who want diversity. Mary Lou Johnson’s point (Feb. 10) was that Mt. Spokane should improve what they already have instead of actually creating a better ski mountain. She stated that during the week not all lifts are open.

However, the few runs they have are still easily accessible. As for her complaint about the lodges, Lodge 2 has recently been expanded and improved. She says that it is not family friendly, but at most ski resorts you cannot leave anything lying around in case of theft. At Mt. Spokane, people constantly leave their lunches in the lodge all day. I always see many families enjoying lunch inside the lodge.

Her last point was that you couldn’t go from Lodge 2 to the top of the mountain. Walking a short distance up the mountain and skiing straight across to Chair 3 can easily solve this. You never have to take the “Bunny Chair.”

Mt. Spokane desperately needs to expand the mountain, not to improve what exists.

Megan Fraser


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