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Sat., Feb. 16, 2013, midnight

Gun laws won’t help

I was watching the news recently with Dan Rather. He reported that on that day (Jan. 31) across the country 203 people had been killed by guns. What he failed to report was why. Was it by a police officer in the line of duty, or business or home owner defending their property, family or their own life?

Don’t get me wrong. These killings make me sick. Most of them seem to happen back East, where they have very strict gun laws in effect already. The Romans killed the Christians and the Nazis the Jews, for their own entertainment. They were unable to defend themselves. History repeats itself.

The government turned its back on the mentally ill, and cut resources to aid them years ago. We need stronger punishment for those who use guns to commit crimes. If you own a gun, be responsible for it. Lock it up. Don’t take it to a party. Take a gun safety course, and learn how to use it.

More laws will not affect the bad guy. A government that wants to disarm its citizens, that’s not going to help either. I am going to join the National Rifle Association.

Alan Barry

Nine Mile Falls

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