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Sat., Feb. 16, 2013

NRA cartoons unfair

Your editorial board’s choice of cartoons for the Feb. 3 Opinion page demonstrates perfectly why a coherent, respectful dialogue will never be established on the issue of so-called gun control.

Nick Anderson’s illustration is grossly insulting and patently ridiculous. What are we to infer from it? That National Rifle Association members are Neanderthals? That the Second Amendment causes death, or that the NRA supports murder? The implications are utterly reprehensible, and your editors should be ashamed of smearing law-abiding citizens with this vile caricature.

So while one side of the debate presents research proving the lawful use of firearms saves literally thousands of lives each year, simultaneously demonstrating the utter failure of restrictive gun laws to reduce criminal violence (Chicago, anyone?), the other side merely throws emotional fits, parading children in public to tout their useless policies and demonizing their fellow citizens.

You completely ignore the fact that the NRA has always advocated responsible gun ownership, safety, proper training and the defensive use of firearms. How dare you equate us with psychopaths perpetrating their monstrous crimes?

You can choose to be sheep if you want, but you have no right to disarm those who choose to be sheepdogs.

J.M. Lyons


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