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Poor coaching, Bone

After another loss, the USC game, (Washington State men’s basketball coach Ken) Bone’s explanation: “We’re just not a good scoring team.”

Thanks, Coach. I don’t know if your comment is more infuriating or just demoralizing. Either way, inappropriate. Poor Coach Bone. Just don’t have the shooters, eh? Not hardly. (Brock) Motum, (Mike) Ladd, (DaVonte) Lacey and others are fine shooters, good athletes. Gotta be more to it, Coach.

WSU’s main offensive set: five guys all out on the perimeter playing catch, middle open, each player trying to go one-on-one, doesn’t work, shot clock runs out, cast off from the 3-point line, 39-percent field-goal stat.

Other than a few transition baskets, WSU’s production in the paint is zip. It’s not “poor Coach Bone.” It’s poor coaching, Bone.

Mark Pinch

Liberty Lake