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Mon., Feb. 18, 2013

Thanks for hope, change

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of right-wing propaganda, I fear no baloney from the misguided because they’re all paralyzed by the shock of reality. The austerity-loving Ayn Rand worshippers hope that, maybe, it’s just a nightmare from which they will awaken. These veritable dinosaurs of our American culture are experiencing shock and awe more profound than any televised horror that mesmerized them at the start of the Iraq invasion. Their nightmare might continue because this is no dream; it’s real. In fact, they may never wake up at all.

Our only hope is that the slim majority of those with common sense will slowly increase through education and rational thinking, and we will never backslide to the Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Fox News-induced ignorance that has influenced the vulnerable, low-information individuals of our society.

So, to all the liberals living in the real world who made our current political climate possible, I offer a heartfelt “thank you.”

You are the hope and the change, and it’s working out just fine.

Stanley Carpenter

Spokane Valley

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