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The Slice: Make sure your top choice is simply presidential

Mon., Feb. 18, 2013, midnight

Here’s a Presidents Day conundrum to mull.

If George Washington had been given a middle name, what should it have been? A) Grady. B) Lamont. C) Tiberius. D) Cuthbert. E) Atticus. F) Bob. G) Hector. H) Jason. I) Duke. J) Manuel. K) Sven. L) Hootie. M) Peyton. N) Stanley. O) Brick. P) Buster. Q) Darrel. R) Eustace. S) Norm. T) Starsky. U) Calvin. V) Elvis. W) Muddy. X) Ringo. Y) Nick. Z) Other.

How about a middle name for Abraham Lincoln? A) Ethan. B) Herb. C) Gump. D) Dakota. E) Bruce. F) Babe. G) Tristan. H) Marty. I) Buck. J) Steve. K) Angus. L) Dean. M) Harold. N) Carl. O) Scooter. P) Tommy. Q) Don. R) Larry. S) Strobe. T) Nigel. U) Xavier. V) Glen. W) Chip. X) Vince. Y) Ernie. Z) Other.

Getting real: Jeff Dreewes moved to Spokane about seven years ago. He likes it here and intends to stay.

But he admitted that he recently found himself wondering if it might be time to replace “Near Nature, Near Perfect” with “Taken Into Custody on Unrelated Warrants.”

And he had a follow-up question for me. “Could you check with the ‘Local’ section guys and see if they have a keyboard shortcut or macro for that phrase? If not, I see a productivity issue that should be addressed.”

Memories conjured by the words “science fair”: “Sixth grade,” wrote Jeri Hershberger. “My dad, who loved to tinker and create … we/he did the solar system, planets and all. I was going to get an award until the time came to question me about it and I couldn’t answer anything … NEXT!”

Why men don’t read romance novels: “Not enough stuff blows up.” – John Petrofski

Homer Simpson’s guide to life: A recent mention in The Slice of a line from “The Simpsons” reminded Colville’s Lan Hellie of a favorite Homerism.

“If something’s hard to do, then it’s not worth doing.”

Happy Monday.

Today’s Slice question: Did observing the social lives of older siblings hasten your preteen awareness of what might be in store for you?

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