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Student deaths unacceptable

The reported number of recent student deaths from alcohol overdose among the student bodies of Washington State University and the University of Idaho is totally unacceptable and a call for corrective action.

University leaders (starts at the top) – student leaders, campus leaders, community leaders – law enforcement and every other possible influencing resource should be brought together to reverse this trend.

State legislators should also be paying very close attention.

The collective community atmosphere must be developed that every life is important, that the universities and communities must be looking out for the welfare of the students, and that the students must be looking out for the welfare of each other.

It certainly can be done and, when looking at the total realm of education, this may be one of the greatest lessons in life.

No one expects to send their kids to college, and get them back in a box. Parents out there, please voice your support on this to the university of your choice.

Jerry Zahl

College Place, Wash.


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