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Decry extrajudicial killings

President Barack Obama, a constitutional lawyer, appointed himself judge, jury and executioner over U.S. citizens’ lives by making secret decisions regarding life and death without any proof of immediate danger to the United States and its interests. The Obama administration claims that it is “legal, ethical and wise,” declaring that it is ready to use the military to act upon this.

This authority is coupled with the power of the government illegally to spy on all U.S. citizens, collecting and storing all communications. This process is a preparation to quash future dissent. The claim to this broad power has nothing to do with terrorist threats from overseas or within.

I come from a country in East Central Europe where the leaders claimed the same prerogatives, and where intimidation suppressed any dissent. Some citizens were called the “enemies of the state” without disclosing any proof or having a trial. These individuals were critical of the government. They were targeted because they offered alternative ideas by independent thinking or simply to settle a personal score.

I urge all, regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, to oppose this illegal power grab which endangers our civil liberties and erases due process.

Ildiko Kalapacs



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