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Advertise gun beliefs

Everyone has an opinion about guns these days. I propose that we advertise our opinions. Write your opinions about guns on a sign and hang that sign on your front door.

If you believe the police will be there to protect you when needed, write that on your sign. If you believe guns should be locked up away from ammo, write that down on your sign. If you believe that a person should take responsibility for their own safety and that of their family, and that you will be ready to meet the challenge, put that on your sign. Be sure to write with big letters so the sign will be easy to read at night.

Then, why not wear that sign during the day and night when away from home? These conveniently placed signs will let everyone know how we feel about guns.

Well, that’s my proposal. You all have a safe day and sleep well.

Emery Wold

Spokane Valley


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