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Fri., Feb. 22, 2013, midnight

Climate science sound

I am writing in response to David Boleneus’ Feb. 15 letter rebutting the science behind anthropogenic climate change.

To be clear, the science behind the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide is well-established fact within the scientific community. Over a century ago, in 1861, John Tyndall first observed the heat-absorptive qualities of carbon dioxide, what now we call the radiative greenhouse effect. Such data has been reanalyzed and retested, but the results are the same. The more carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor in the atmosphere, the less heat escapes Earth’s atmosphere.

You would be hard-pressed to find a single credible chemist, climatologist or other scientist who disagrees with these simple, irrefutable facts. The laws of nature simply cannot be disproven. Our own home, our Earth, is now the site of the world’s largest chemistry experiment, and it’s gone horribly, terribly wrong.

Anthony Gill


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