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Proof of warming solid

I would like to congratulate David Boleneus on his disproof of global warming (“Climate fallacy exposed,” Feb. 15). But I can’t.

His first two paragraphs are nothing more than a regurgitation of right wing-nut paranoid propaganda. But it is when he attempts to introduce scientific proof that he really flies off the track. Maybe he should not have mischaracterized the studies of those who support the notion of global warming. The first paper he referenced has been widely discredited by many climatologists, including the author, Dr. Richard Lindzen.

According to an April 30, 2012, New York Times article, “Lindzen accepts the elementary tenets of climate science. He agrees that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, calling people who dispute that point ‘nutty.’ ” He agrees that the level of carbon dioxide is rising because of human activity, and that this should warm the climate. Lindzen acknowledged that the 2009 paper contained “some stupid mistakes” in his handling of the satellite data. “It was just embarrassing,” he said.

Then he refers to Syukura Manabe, a highly respected proponent of climate change and author of many papers supporting global warming, rising sea levels and increased storm activity. How embarrassing.

Lester Wilson



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