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Sat., Feb. 23, 2013, midnight

Obama nightmare continues

Three months since the election, and I still dream of President (Mitt) Romney. I dream of what could have been with this great man as our president.

Then I wake to reality: Our president who will spend us into oblivion while blaming others. Who will never balance the budget but will raise our taxes. Who attacks “the rich” while living lavishly on taxpayer dollars. Who promised “change” but gave us skyrocketing costs, more government and less freedom.

Our president who travels the world apologizing for America. Who boasts of killing (Osama) bin Laden but knows nothing of Benghazi. Who shuts down U.S. energy while granting loans to foreign oil. Our president who will weaken our military, encourage our enemies and surrender our sovereignty.

The nightmare never ends.

Linda Brown


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