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SATURDAY, FEB. 23, 2013

Should be about football

What is the point of the Super Bowl? You would think it to be a simple question. Well, sad to say, not anymore. Some would say the football, of course. Some say the commercials, and others the halftime show. Corruption has conquered two of these three options.

The Super Bowl is truly meant for football. It should not be an opportunity for women to show no dignity or self-respect in all the areas in between the game. Whether it be making out with random strangers, or trying to wear as little clothing as possible and dance in provocative ways, it makes me sick to my stomach to watch it progressively worsen year after year.

Yes, I get it. Sex sells, but when we as a country have girls young to old watching men ogle at what society says achieves happiness, and the feeling of being wanted, then nothing will be purely beautiful.

Lack of self-respect will only continue to grow because that is what we are allowing to be brainwashed into all of our minds.

Macie Gardner


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