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Sat., Feb. 23, 2013, midnight

This is wasteful management

Waste Management’s “Proposed Effective Monthly Garbage and Recycling Rates,” starting March 5, have no incentive or reward for anyone who takes reduce, reuse and recycle seriously.

My husband and I compost. We eat mostly whole foods. We recycle almost everything in the Big Blue. Every week we put out one small, less-than-10-gallon bag of garbage. We do eat meat, so we cannot take advantage of the once-a-month service. It would smell and attract vermin. A mini-can (20 gallons) saves us only $3 at $11.10 compared with one can at $14.30, according to the proposed rate table.

Perhaps Waste Management might consider making the category “Occasional Extras” at $3.90 also be “one small bag of garbage at curbside,” or “no can.”

Last week on the “PBS News Hour,” San Francisco Mayor Greg Lee said, “The goal is zero garbage.” Is this the goal for Waste Management? As it stands, we are penalized for recycling almost all of our garbage.

We are charged for recycling even if we do not recycle. We are also charged for garbage we do not have! Why are the rates going up? They make money off everything we put in the recycle bin.

Patricia Sparks


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