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Sun., Feb. 24, 2013, midnight

Be vigilant about threats

In a matter of minutes, a gunman can do a lot of harm mentally and physically to many people. People who recognize suspicious activity must enforce this with action.

Just recently a brave fourth-grader at Fort Colville Elementary School saved many lives by just mentioning to an adult that two kids had a gun and a knife in their backpacks and that they were going to start shooting at students soon. The parents of these children are very thankful that this child stepped up and prevented a horrible event from happening.

Also, a ban on guns won’t do much to limit the gun violence we have been seeing lately. Unfortunately, people like breaking the rules. Even for attention, they will go to the extreme. Therefore, security must be expanded and upgraded to help save hundreds of lives throughout the country. By doing this, the death rate from shootings will go down dramatically.

Kevin Kissinger


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