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Compassion needed

Sun., Feb. 24, 2013

In response to the letter (Feb. 17, “Offensive? Really?) from Brian McInerney regarding the name of the Washington Redskins.

Where does the hate come from? Does he not realize how racist the name Redskins is to Native Americans? Would he consider it to be OK if the Harlem Globetrotters were named the Harlem Blackskins? Maybe he would, I wouldn’t. Bringing political views into the discussion tells me that McInerney has no clue that this is a racist matter and nothing more.

I don’t believe anyone would consider his examples of team names (Patriots, Yankees, Volunteers) to be offensive or racist to their fans. But please understand Native Americans are just as offended by the use of Redskins as are most black people offended by the use of the n-word,

Please, less hate and more compassion.

Tom Johnson

Spokane Valley


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