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Finding time for fun

The lighter moments, the special occasions. This is what normal feels like.

Sprock carves out time for fun on Friday nights, when Kameryn is with a nurse’s aide. She looks for activities she can do with her other three children – swimming, roller skating, geocache treasure hunts.

Three or four times a week she heads to the Kroc Center. A time to breathe, to let go of the tension. “That 30 to 45 minutes when I get to work out, that’s my time.”

Money is tight. “I really try to use our resources sparingly,” she said. “I’ve had to ask for help.”

Kameryn and Kylynn receive federal Supplemental Security Income, and the family is covered by Medicaid. Sprock has visited the food bank and reached out to community agencies for assistance a few times. She feels self-conscious doing it and volunteers to give back.

She thinks about looking for work. She sold Avon for 10 years and has held part-time jobs here and there. Becoming a child advocate has crossed her mind. But the time and cost of going back to school, and what she’d have to pay for specialized daycare, never seem to pencil out. She feels her time, for now, is best spent fulfilling the needs of her kids.

This is her life, her normal.

“I’ve accepted it. I feel blessed. I know there are always people out there that have something worse in their life going on,” she said. “I think three of my children are going to grow up to be very independent and live close to normal, happy lives. And I accept the fact that Kameryn will probably live at home with me until the day I can’t take care of him anymore, and I’m OK with that.”