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Obituary: Martin, Verlin D.

Sun., Feb. 24, 2013

Age 70

MARTIN, Verlin D. (Age 69) As if being a rooster with a lady’s name wasn’t foul enough, Grace was born dizzy with legs of spaghetti.

Grace’s one saving grace was that he was hatched from an egg in a coup built by Verlin Martin.

With 2x4s and screws, Verlin built a raceway for Grace that allowed the broken rooster to walk.

Verlin and Carol Martin’s woodland home became sanctuary for Grace, exotic chickens, deer, his best friend border collie Baby, wild birds, and turkeys.

In the summer months, Verlin pointed out to his grandchildren and all who would listen, the various species of birds that would land on his elaborate network of hand build bird feeders.

As his grandchildren munched on Tic-Tacs and popsicles, hummingbirds whizzing around their heads, Verlin explained the differences between all his beautiful feathered friends.

One summer afternoon, as Verlin conversed with his wife and daughter, a siskin flew past.

The bird reversed course mid-flight and landed on Verlin’s shoulder.

The siskin had a stick caught in his beak.

The bird allowed Verlin’s tender hands to remove the stick before flying off.

Verlin’s fascination with flight didn’t end with birds; he built and flew custom stunt kites.

When asked on a kite flying trip to Pacific Beach why he liked to fly kites so much, Verlin said, “They always make me look up.”

Verlin is survived by his wife Carol and his daughters Sue, Toni, Kim, and his sons Marty, Kenny, and Scott, his 21 grandchildren and his 14 great grandchildren, and three brothers.

He was preceded in death by his mother and father, Wayne and Esther, his brother Gary, and his great grandson, Weston.


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