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Sun., Feb. 24, 2013, midnight

Renovate Mt. Spokane

Mary Lou Johnson’s Feb. 10 letter regarding the proposed Mt. Spokane expansion brings up very valid points. The proposed expansion is a waste of money that will bring in no added skier visits.

While the lodge expansion was a slight improvement, it is still completely lacking as to what is needed. Guest services are also blatantly underwhelming, with urine-soaked bathrooms, poor quality food, tables in the bar filled with brown baggers purchasing nothing, and bartenders that would rather slice a lime than serve a long line of customers waiting to get a beverage.

When the current concessionaire (Mt. Spokane 2000) was awarded the concession, one of its big selling points was that they were going to operate the resort seven days a week. Their rationale was that any resort close to a major population base should be open every day. If they really want to improve Mt. Spokane, they should build a new functional lodge, improve food and drink offerings, be open seven days a week with specials to attract skiers midweek.

But none of these options are as fun as putting in another lift.

Ed Crosby


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