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Sun., Feb. 24, 2013, midnight

Shea distorts Scripture

Wow. State Rep. Matt Shea has again proved himself a true Christian by citing Luke 22:36 in his recent debate with a minister on gun violence. Shea is a powerful advocate for Jesus, and he had me running for my Bible to verify that the Prince of Peace actually encourages us to be violent, or at least armed and ready to be violent.

The passage tells us that Jesus told his disciples during the Last Supper to trade purses for bags and cloaks for swords; well, two swords to be precise. Shea did not have time to expand on the context or comment on the various interpretations of the cited passage so it is difficult for me to know what kind of bag to buy. It is also hard for me to know if I should buy a sword. I don’t believe guns existed at the time of the Last Supper, but I suppose Jesus knew they would one day be invented and it is certainly possible that Jesus used the word “sword” as code for “assault rifle.”

Still, I am confused about the bag.

George Critchlow

Spokane Valley

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