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Wed., Feb. 27, 2013

Strengthen their character

In her Feb. 17 letter to the editor, Audrey Butler believes that no matter how expensive school security is, the health and safety of students in our school districts should be our No. 1 one priority.

Preventing fifth-grade students from bringing deadly weapons to class appears to be our school district’s No. 1 priority since Feb. 7. A deadly tragedy was prevented because a fourth-grade student saw something, and then said something. This honest and brave young person violated the local school snitch code, which is honored, observed, and maintained by bullies in the school district.

The large elephant in many living rooms around here has been ongoing bullying in our schools. Many bullies have rather large egos but very little self-esteem, and act out periodically in order to reinforce the popular and pervasive snitch code.

Violence is a learned behavior, and so is respect. Blaming the victim can quickly conclude an investigation but only embolden a bully, who is not effectively held accountable for their behavior. We don’t need metal detectors or armed security to help strengthen the character of our young people.

James Perkins


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