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Washington records


Spokane County

Marriage licenses

Kerry S. Brigham and Kelly J. Krauss, both of Spokane.

Michael J. Clute and Joanna C. Smith, both of Phoenix.

Raul S. Rodriguez and Ashlea L. Hittle, both of Fairchild Air Force Base.

John R.L. Meier and Nicole M. Hamre, both of Spokane.

Amanda J. Seeling and Jessica A. Hilliard, both of Wallace.

Cody P. Pearsall and Leah R. Grable, both of Loon Lake, Wash.

Chase W. Warnick and Rosemary J. Correia, both of Spokane.

Nicole R. Dale and Lyra M. Reese, both of Spokane Valley.

Rogelio L. Garcia and Maria G. O’Brien, both of Spokane Valley.

Anthony M. Simmons and Stacie S. Brummett, both of Spokane Valley.

Harvey L. Rist and Rosanna C. Fergson, both of Spokane Valley.

In the courts Superior courts

New suits

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Jennifer M. Grandieri, money claimed owed.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Carina L. Burrola, money claimed owed.

Citibank NA v. Daniel B. Torhjelm, money claimed owed.

Capital One Bank USA NA v. Samantha J. Douglas, money claimed owed.

Glenn E. Tanner v. Donald J. Swanson, et al., complaint for breach of contract.

Laura Renz v. Joy G. Rowbotham, injuries/vehicle collision.

Rene Kavanagh v. Group Health Cooperative, et al., complaint for damages.

William Hanvey v. Jennifer Mitchell, et al., restitution of premises.

Fannie Mae v. Kevin Bond, et al., restitution of premises.

JZC Real Estate Investment LLC v. Karen Allen, et al., restitution of premises.

JZC Real Estate Investment LLC v. Shivara Hamm, et al., restitution of premises.

Efrain Ramirez v. Jerri Anderson, et al., restitution of premises.

Harlan Douglass v. Brandon Alcayde, et al., restitution of premises.

Marriage dissolution petitions

Rahder, Jonathen B. and Tabitha T.

Smith, Brent R. and Heather M.

Gerbino, Julie A. and Michael A.

Mendenhall, Dwain and Laura

Wise, Sarah L., and Anderson, Christopher S.

Duxbury, Jessica R. and Christopher R.

Wheeler, Cindy and Ted

Barnes, Joseph A. and Suzy L.

McCurdy, Lisa V. and Donald K.

Sanders, Anne M. and James A.

Vitrenko, David Y. and Nadezhda

Marriage dissolutions granted

Muncey, Lisa H. and Willis S.

Halley, Steven V. and Michael A.

Sawyer, Richard and Cheryl

Cannon, Sarah V. and John T.

Federal court

Bankruptcy petitions

Robert and Julie Warter, Othello, Wash.; debts of $284,889.

Charles Harrison, Otis Orchards; debts of $153,066.

Sue Cicchetti, 920 S. Robin Hood St.; debts of $160,860.

JoAnn Gerke, Spokane Valley; debts of $25,725.

Diane Kohne, Pasco; debts of $34,478.

Municipal and District courts

Only fines of $500 or more included unless a jail sentence is given.

Commissioner Kevin Stewart

James J. Adams Jr., 40; 102 days in jail, theft.

John P. Alderman, 47; $941 fine, one day in jail, driving while intoxicated.

Stanislav V. Alekseyev, 56; 38 days in jail, first-degree building trespass.

Benjamin P. Aleto, 27; 45 days in jail, theft.

Jeremy T. Beeching, 19; 10 days in jail, theft.

Anthony R. Cattage, 42; 10 days in jail, urinating in public.

Shara B. Clarke, 26; 11 days in jail, theft.

Tony M. Clark, 32; 75 days in jail, making or having burglar tools.

David L. Conway, 38; 15 days in jail, making a false statement.

Commissioner Gerald Caniglia

James L. Davis Sr., 50; 60 days in jail, theft.

Brent Esquivel, 45; four days in jail, false reporting.

Judge Michelle Szambelan

Nelson L. Hunt, 26; 15 days in jail, theft.

Emily A. Kelley, 37; 10 days in jail, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Judy C.R. Kirchoff, 22; 11 days in jail, occupy/build transient shelter and assault.

Thomas E. Kivett, 55; 16 days in jail, third-degree driving with license suspended.

Derek D. McLash, 32; $941 fine, one day in jail, driving while intoxicated.

Judge Gregory J. Tripp

Kayla R. Jackson, 22; $1,196 fine, 90 days in jail with credit given for 10 days served, 48 months probation, driving while intoxicated.

Edward L. Malar Jr., 36; 352 days in jail with credit given for 18 days served, 24 months probation, third-degree theft, third-degree malicious mischief, second-degree vehicle prowling, second-degree criminal trespass, and third-degree obtaining or exerting unauthorized control over property.

Michael J. Morrison, 39; $1,196 fine, 135 days in jail with credit given for 34 days served, 36 months probation, first-degree negligent driving and driving while intoxicated.

Judge Donna Wilson

Jakob M. Reed, 29; $500 fine, 12 months probation, driving while intoxicated amended to reckless driving.

David W. Spencer, 52; $940 fine, one day in jail, 24 months probation, driving while intoxicated.

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