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What’s the greater outrage?

In response to Doug Clark, I absolutely agree I have a double identity: I’m a Spokane city councilman and a political activist. I love being both, and believe it’s OK to do both in a free society. Being criticized is part of being a councilman and activist.

After 15 years of doing initiatives lowering car tab taxes, property taxes and making it tougher for government to raise taxes, I’m quite accustomed to being criticized by public officials and the press. It comes with the territory.

I believe all elected officials, whether a council member or a governor, are subject to criticism. I would simply ask what is the greater outrage? A few tough words in an email sent to supporters; or billions in higher taxes imposed by a governor who promised to veto tax increases? I would say it’s the latter. But that’s my opinion, something I’m entitled to have.

I sincerely hope Gov. Jay Inslee keeps his promises to not raise taxes. If he does, I will be first to congratulate him. But if he doesn’t, then he deserves criticism. I hope the governor does the right thing ensuring his post-election actions match his pre-election promises.

Mike Fagan



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