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Tue., Jan. 1, 2013

Big clips kill more

I have yet to hear any gun control advocate state that they want to totally eliminate gun ownership. Nor do they want to “destroy the Second Amendment in the United States,” as the executive director of the National Rifle Association states. What is wanted is to establish reasonable ways to control who can and cannot own a gun. And to eliminate from private ownership those types of weapons which can be, and are, used for mass murder.

Do people really need weapons that have magazines or drums that hold 15-plus bullets? The Gun Owners of America legislative counsel states that weapons with high-capacity magazines are valuable in self-defense. How ludicrous! Is he expecting his home to be invaded by an army?

Further, I believe that any so-called hunter who needs 15-plus bullets to bring down a game animal is sorely in need of some serious shooting training. Lastly, I have heard that multiple-shot magazines allow “sportsmen” to enjoy prolonged pleasure because they can shoot for longer periods. Just imagine how much longer their pleasure would last if they shot one bullet at a time!

Norman R. Coffman

Nine Mile Falls

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