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Tue., Jan. 1, 2013

Enforce existing laws

I cannot even begin to know the pain these people feel for the loss of a child. The empty place in their heart will be there forever.

But going after legal gun owners is not the answer. I listen to the mayors of Chicago and New York and Seattle, and their answers are the same: Pass more gun laws. If you look close, there are already gun laws to cover what they are talking about. What they don’t talk about or do anything about is enforcing the laws we already have. Give the police the money and manpower to enforce the laws we already have.

Now, close your eyes and think about this. You can sit at the bus stop with your new iPhone and kill zombies with guns. Then under the Christmas tree there’s a collection of games like Grand Theft Auto, Assassins Creed and Warfare. More ways to maim and kill; all for the kids. The National Rifle Association did not create these games. Now, open your eyes. It’s not a dream. The answers are there.

Paul Carpenter


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