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Laws our protector

Hal Dixon (Dec. 22) wonders why we’ve chose to ignore “God’s wishes” and became a godless nation? Well, because there is no such thing as “God’s wishes” to ignore.

Stopping the killing of innocents is in the wishes of humanity (our souls, if you want). Not in some invisible deity.

Just how can we pay more attention to God’s advice on how we maintain our lives, when there is nothing on this Earth written by any deity (only man) to go by? If so, I think we would all like to read it.

The differences between the 1950s and 1960s and today is less access to assault guns and rifles made for killing human beings as fast as possible.

If we want a better world, it’s up to mankind, with man-made laws, to provide it, period. Of course, man isn’t perfect, and the world is what it is, but that’s all we got, besides living in a great nation with secular laws. Let’s hope this country is up to the task to at least slow up this devastating killing and the machines that produce it. Reason overrides religion.

Gary Garoutte

Newport, Wash.


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