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NRA could provide volunteers

Wayne LaPierre, executive director of the National Rifle Association, is right about “armed good guys” being the only deterrent to “armed bad guys,” but the NRA needs to go one step further. We have schools closing because of perceived threats and fear. How much more proof do we need that our schools are helpless targets of the violent insane?

NRA has many retired law enforcement and military enlisted and officer members in every community with leadership training who would be willing to provide free armed security for our teachers and students. There are lots of these grandpa members with the available time, equipment, skills and good judgment to make sure there are no more copy-cat catastrophes. Let’s use our Second Amendment rights to offer to provide those protective on-site services to our communities. NRA members live in every neighborhood across the country where immediate response could be coordinated with education and law enforcement authorities.

As long as there are “wolves” out there we need a few “sheep dogs” on site to protect the vulnerable “flocks.” NRA could easily and quickly organize to provide community protection service wherever in America it is desired.

Gary D. Bumgarner



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